Postpartum Online Coaching

As a Mami of two, exercising safely & effectively post baby is I’m very passionate about. I don’t think the support we women get during or after pregnancy is good enough, so it’s important for me to be able to play my part in improving that.

As a new mother, it’s not always easy to find time for yourself but when you do, the main aims of your initial postpartum workouts should be to;

  • re-tone the pelvic floor to reduce risk of stress incontinence,
  • re-tone abdominal muscles to increase strength and enable them to support the spine,
  • correct / regain good posture,
  • enhance self confidence & enjoy doing something for yourself.

Online training gives you;

  • the opportunity to explore your postpartum goals, understand why they are important to you and come up with a suitable plan to support that,
  • the flexibility to exercise around you and your baby,
  • the structure to workout effectively,
  • accountability,
  • the ability to track your own progress,
  • prompts and tools to help you practice self care even when you feel you have no time,
  • a chance to challenge any limiting beliefs and support a growth mindset.

The postpartum 1-2-1 online coaching package includes;

  • A 12-week training (and wellbeing) plan, revised monthly, tailored to you and your requirements.
  • Food diary analysis (if requested) and nutritional guidelines
  • Weekly check ins via the app.
  • Regular contact via message / voice notes.
  • 1 hour a month in person / zoom personal training session and catch up.
  • Access to The Twenty Minute Club (when suitable)

Price: £297 (or £99 per month x 3)

You can book a FREE, no obligation consultation with me by dropping me a message below.

I look forward to hearing from you.