Hey, I’m Rebecca …

and I’m a Personal Trainer & Online Coach. I’m not your average PT, my approach takes into account your body, mind and soul through exercise, mindset work and by holding space for you. If you are looking for a quick fix then I’m not the one for you – I’m all about supporting you in making sustainable changes and creating routines and rituals that works for you and your life in alignment with your values.

If you are ready to explore your strengths, feel better in yourself, practice being more mindful and more connected with yourself & the magic of the universe then let’s talk!


  • An amazingly supportive, motivational and experienced PT. This woman knows her stuff and is excellent at working out what type of encouragement works for you as an individual. Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable in post-natal training and has guided me brilliantly, taking all my needs into consideration. The fact that she lets me bring my little boy to sessions and comes to the house to do sessions is a total game changer. I would 100% recommend Rebecca as a PT.

    Gwawr Pritchard

  • Becca is incredible. I feel like she has really helped me to make sustainable changes to my lifestyle. Not only have I become much fitter and stronger, but she’s helped me to loose a healthy five inches from my waist since the start of the year.

    I’ve been working with Becca since 8 weeks postnatal. At first we worked a lot on my core strength and four months later I’m completely back to normal exercising… only being limited by my own fitness and determination.

    Becca navigates the balance between pushing you and supporting you expertly. Becca’s positive personality is a delight to be around, and I always feel inspired after a PT session.

    I’ve loved the sense of community that she created with the monthly online training sessions. It’s always nice to know there are others struggling just as much with press ups and burpees…

    Sian Gallard

  • This is one amazing lady. For those who know they need to exercise but are scared, she’s for you. Becca has made me feel very differently about exercise, and although sometimes I can’t do as much as I want, I’m finally investing some time in myself. What’s not to like. She is also a very beautiful human being and lots of fun to train with!

    Jill Duggan