Gals Get Strong online challenge: September 2020

I’m am so excited to bring you this brand spanking new online challenge, I am really proud of it and the potential benefits it can deliver for you.

The aim of this online challenge is to get you moving, feeling more positive, more energetic and proud of what your body and mind can do, so if this sounds like something you need in your life – read on!

How does it work and what’s included?

This is a 4 week online exercise and mindset challenge accessible through your phone allowing you to workout anywhere; the comfort of your own home, outside or at the gym.

You will get;

  • a 28-day online workout plan straight to your phone, there will be 3 workouts per week no longer than 45 minutes each.
  • nutritional guidelines – not a meal plan, just some sensible suggestions.
  • a positivity tasks each week.
  • a gratitude tasks each week.
  • on hand support and accountability from me via TrueCoach*
  • access to the Chasing Strong online Facebook group for even more support and motivation.

This plan is designed to suit all abilities** and can be easily progressed or regressed to work for you.

How do I win the challenge and what do I win?

The winner(s) will be the person(s) who complete the most workouts, complete the most weekly tasks and complete the most gratitude activities. So to really be in with the chance of winning a personalised online plan and some other cheeky goodies you need to fully immerse yourself into this challenge.


Ideally you will have access to some dumbbells a kettlebell and some resistance bands, but if not – house hold items should suffice – please contact me if you would like any advice.

I’m ready – sign me up!

You can enter solo (£40) or as a pair (£55 so only £27.50 each!!). If you enter as a pair in order to ‘win’ the challenge you both have to pull your weight.

The challenge starts on Wednesday September 23rd – ends October 21st 2020.

Why a mid-week start? To steer you away from the ‘I’ll start on Monday’ mindset.

You must secure*** your place by Friday the 18th of September. To register your interest email

*TrueCoach is an online platform with an easy to use app that will home this workout plan.

**You will be asked to complete a PAR-Q to check you are safe to exercise. If you have any injuries / are pregnant / postnatal please contact me to discuss whether this challenge is suitable for you.

***Your place is only secure once payment has been received.

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